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Our specialty is designing and implementing new, professional tactical gear for active service members and enthusiasts. The craft of HUSAR products takes place in Poland and all of them are based on the highest quality materials and components available on the worldwide market.

Every single of our products consists of label which provides the following information : The date of crafting Last name of the crafter Unique serial number which provides you a special care we offer in terms of three years warranty.

*Every complaint and other reports are examined based on the serial number of the product

Due to the rising amount of the orders the deadlines for recieving the product are determined individually and their usual duration is 2 to 8 weeks. We encourage you to do shopping through our distributors. More information available in the bookmark “DISTRIBUTORS”.

For active service members we administer the 10% discount. For others the discounts are granted individually based on the submitted orders.

In case of any questions we invite you to check the “CONTACT” bookmark.