We are glad to announce that intercontinental cooperation between Ace Link Armor, Specops and Husar resulted in creation of SKELETAC brand. As part of the SKELETAC product family, we will offer to the US market the most innovative tactical solutions complemented by ultralight body armor products. Our well-known and quality proven designs will be available as a comprehensive line of tactical equipment for law enforcement and civilian applications. We will continue to work on new tactical products concepts as a response to needs of modern law enforcement sector. Stay tuned for new releases!
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We are a tactical gear producer located in Europe, Poland. All of our goods are manufactured locally. 




Designing and implementing valid & innovative tactical solutions that enhance the performance of their users and are a direct response to demands of a modern warfare is our top priority. We’re focused on offering up to date, reliable military products for our clients, as we listen to the needs and feedback of world’s most renowned professionals both in public & private defense sector. We believe that our stance of staying constantly in touch with the market especially in the current era of fast-paced ever-changing battlefield is a key element of succeeding in the effort of striving for perfection in providing quality equipment for both general and niche-specific usage for professionals & enthusiasts around the world. It’s our goal to support to the best of our ability those who serve us all and protect them in life endangering situations as they fulfill their duties in order to protect us.




We want to become one of the industry leading producers of tactical gear for military usage by designing and implementing innovative & dependable solutions in our products.

As we continue to develop trust in both public and private defense sectors among active contractors, it is our goal to be recognized as a trustworthy supplier of equipment for military, special forces and law enforcement service members.




Meeting high quality standards is a bedrock upon which our company is built.

As we not only want to meet the highest criteria but are ceaselessly working to excel beyond them in the future, we practice a solid approach in our creation process. Before any of our products hits the market, it has to be tested by experienced professionals both in terms of basic trials and in a series of multiple various scenario-simulated exercises based on real type situations to ensure excellent reliability.